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The malt beer category continues to hold its own.  This category has shown a major resurgence over the last several years as people have looked to receive the most that they can get for the money they have available.  For that reason, we have carefully selected several brands in this category that fulfills the consumer demand with higher quality value offerings.  These brands are higher quality malt beers that rival the big beer companies with taste, ingredients and ABV %.

CAMO uses only the finest hops for an extra smooth taste and flavor.  At beers that range from 9.9%-12.2% ABV, CAMO rocks the high gravity malt beverage category with exceptional taste and value!

                                                                                                                                                                                           Pit Bull High Gravity Ice Malt Iquor is the proud recipient of a bronze metal at the Great American Beer Festival.  At 10.2% alcohol, Pit Bull is one of the highest alcohol content beers available.  They brew with only the finest red robust malt and a special blend of domestic hops - giving you a consistent brew you can always enjoy.

The newest entry into the 24oz high alcohol flavored malt beverage category.  The beer packs one heck of punch with it's Mojito and Watermelon flavors at 12% alcohol.  So step up and "Stalt This!"