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Craft beer is growing at a rate faster than all other beer categories combined.  In 2011 the entire beer category grew by only 1%.  Craft beer alone grew by 10%.  People are looking for more out their beer brands.  Craft beer satisifies this by providing high quality ingrediants that are skillfully blended and brewed to provide beer consumers a premium experience for only a couple of dollars more than the average import or mass marketed domestic beers.  The premium flavor along with the freshness of local crafted beers set this category up for massive growth over many years to come.

Bootlegger's Brewery first opened it's doors in 2008 in Fullerton, CA..  Owner and Brew-Master Aaron Barkenhagen has created something very special.  An ultra premium craft brewery that uses 4-5unique yeast strains to create the best flavor for each beer.  Bootlegger's brewery is on top of the blazing hot craft beer market and has been doubling its volume every year that it has been open.  So pick one up at a store near you or, if you are in the neighborhood, drop on by and enjoy a cold one in their tasting room.

Bootlegger's highly sought after and highly allocated Double/Imperial India Pale Ale.  This remarkable beer has a huge hop aroma with a medium to light bitterness that finishes with malty caramel notes.

Compare to:  Russian River Pliny the Elder, Avery Maharaja and Bear Republic Racer X

Alcohol: 10% ABV
Beer Advocate Rating:  A
**Currently ranked #18 of all DIPA's on Beer Advocate!

This is Bootlegger's Brewery #1 seller.  Their Old World Hefe is an unfiltered German-style Hefe using Hallertauer Mittelfrueh noble German hops.  It pours a white creamy golden colored head with traditional aromas of bananas and cloves.  Old World is lightly hopped providing a crisp refreshing taste and a smooth finish.

Compare to:  Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, Pyramid Hefeweizen and Black Market Hefe

Alcohol:  5.0%
Beer Advocate Rating:  B

Palomino Pale Ale is Bootleggers american sytle pale ale.  Palomino is brewed using only the finest American barley and Amarillo/Cascade hops.  As this brew is aging it goes through a second phase of hopping that gives it a balanced citrus taste without the bite of an IPA.

Compare to:  Sierra Nevada pale ale, Stone pale ale and Dale's pale ale

Alcohol:  5.5% ABV
Beer Advocate Rating: B+

Rustic Rye IPA balances the malted barley and spicy rye grains with a floral and earthy hop flavor and aroma.  The maltiness of this beer is balanced with its crisp finish and clean hop bite.

Compare to: Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, Black Market Rye IPA and Karl Strauss Rye IPA

Alcohol:  6.2%
Beer Advocate Rating: B

This is Bootlegger's entry into the Belgian style category.  Golden Chaos is named after its golden color and effervescence.  Golden Chaos provides complexity with a fruity aroma, smooth taste and pleasing dry finish.  Pay attention to the subtle notes of plum, apricot, and pear that achieve the perfect balance of fruitiness and spiciness.

Compare to:  Duvel and North Coast Pranqster

Alcohol:  8.5% ABV
Beer Advocate Rating: B

Black Phoenix is Bootlegger's unique export style Stout.  It has rich bold coffee, chocolate and smokey Chipotle pepper flavors that give it just a touch of heat.  They use an exclusive premium coffee blend from Kean Coffee who also is located in Orange County, Ca.

Compare to:  Sierra Nevada Stout,  Black Hawk Stout and Iron Fist Velvet Glove

Alcohol:  6.7%
Beer Advocate Rating: B+

Ventura County, long known for world class surf spots like Rincon Cove, C-Street and Silver Strand, now has a world class craft beer presence.  Ventura's Surf Brewery, located minutes from Surfer's Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California's vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers  Founded by home-brewers and surfers witha passion for beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients. Ventura Surf Brewery also supports the efforts of the Surfrider Foundation by donating 1% of all their gross sales to the foundation.

This American Style Ale features vibrant citrusy and floral American hops balanced against a complex malt profile of toasty dark malts with a hint of roasted barley.  Just like an early morning surf session, once you start you keep going back.

Compare to:  Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous, Roque Dad's Little Helper

Alcohol:  6.5%
IBU’s:     67

Named after a local surf spot bordering Ventura & Los Angeles Counties, this American Pale Ale is brewed with a twist; a healthy dose of of rye adds a subtle spiciness and a frothy white head while generous amounts of pleasantly spicy and floral American hops compliment the gentle rye character.

Compare to:  Bear Republic Rye Pale Ale

Alcohol:  6%
IBU’s:     41

Named after a local family surf spot north of Ventura, Mondo’s Cream Ale is a refreshing lighter bodied ale, showing hints of fruit and balanced hopping.  Much like its namesake, Mondo’s is a great beer when you are looking for something on the mellow side.

Compare to:  Stella & Genesee Cream Ale

Alcohol:  5.5%
IBU’s:     16