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ABP Craft's growth strategy starts with our craft brewery partners.  We communicate on a regular basis with all of them to understand the visions they have for their brands and the capacities they have for their overall business.  Once we have a good understand of those components we put together a targeted game plan with our Specialty Beer Representatives (SBR’s). 

Our Specialty Beer Representatives  (SBR’s) are the ones who ultimately execute our game plans.  They build their schedules with off premise in the morning and on premise in the afternoon.  All of our SBR’s are currently studying the Cicerone Certification Program.  Our goal is to have all of our SBR’s continue to grow their knowledge of beer and be able to communicate that knowledge to our brands and their accounts. 

 Additonally, All of our Specialty Beer Representatives (SBR’s) when going after business focus on the 3 E's: 

Evaluate –Account demographics, account needs and overall assessment on what the account is trying to accomplish with the introduction or expansion of craft beer.

Educate – This is what really sets ABP Craft apart from other beer distributors.  Our SBR’s walk into an account with cold samples and discuss with the decision maker the intricate details of our craft beer offerings, how they are produced and how they can drive more business and more loyal customers to their accounts with the brands we represent.

Execute  - All of our SBR’s have very specific goals for craft beer account growth, case volumes and handle placements.